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Edification and tuition

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, its teaching goals are both the artistic edification
and tuition of talented musicians, dancers and comedians, encouraging collective practices.
The commitment and vision of all those who work and teach at the Conservatory perpetuate its mission : offering
artistic training founded on intellectual openness and quality, supporting organisations dedicated to the performing
arts and contributing to Lyon's cultural life.

The annual program, with over one hundred concerts, forms an integral part of the learning process. It illustrates
the skill and the quality of work of the students, teachers and guest artists specially invited by the Conservatory.
Concerts and master classes aim to encourage these moments of sharing and artistic interaction. This action is promoted
by many projects and partnerships with other cultural institutions in Lyons and its outskirts, and with other
conservatories in France and abroad.

The Conservatoire de Lyon is proud to be associated with many members of the performing, composing and production
community, who bring their international reputations and expertise to the benefit of its students. These partnerships
are a great source of enrichment on a personal as well as a professional level

Courses offered
> music : classical and contemporary instrumental workshops including chamber music and orchestra, musicology
and analysis ; vocal classes including choir and vocal ensemble, jazz and improvised music

This sector is divided into thirteen departments and offers a wide choice of major disciplines : vocal, instrumental
and theoretical. This comprehensive program, both theoretical and practical, also includes orchestral and ensemble
experience, preparing artists to face the challenges of their professional future.

Professional studies

The 3rd level, the DEM/DEC/DET  is offered in order to prepare entry to higher level colleges with professional objectives.
Duration : 2 to 3 years.
The 4th level has been created to expand artistic practice, seeking to attain an excellence in creation and performance.
It provides preparation to professional experience.
Duration : 1 year.

At the Conservatoire de Lyon, 300 students prepare these diplomas, some of whom come from abroad : Europe, and also
Japan, China, Russia, Colombia, Syria, etc, thus contributing to the dissemination of French musical tradition.

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