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The Conservatoire de Lyon was founded in 1872 under the driving force of Mr. Mangin, the then orchestral conductor of the Grand Théâtre de Lyon.

Today classed as a Regional Conservatory, the Conservatoire de Lyon provides vocal, instrumental, dance and theatrical teaching to some 2,600 students and offers over 40 artistic disciplines. Two types of schooling are possible: a traditional program in addition to regular school hours or integrated in class timetables.

Relying on a teaching staff of 240, the Conservatoire aims to give everyone the artistic means and techniques to best achieve ones personal goals, whether that be, to master ones performance at an amateur level or to prepare a professional career. With a policy of decentralization in place for many years, it caters for a large number of children in the City of Lyon and its hinterland: each year 15 000 Lyon schoolchildren profit from an artistic initiation proposed by professors of the Conservatoire who intervene in their establishments.

Present in 7 arrondisements (adminstrative sections of the city), the Conservatoire promotes a policy of decentralization and proximity to the various sections of the city through, cultural centres, social centres, town halls, schools.

It is further intended to cater for young people who, having completed their course in a local school, wish to further their artistic studies.

An essential element of its teaching practice, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Culture, is to train amateur dancers, musicians, and singers refining their talents. The Conservatoire therefore encourages a broad approach to the arts and gives great prominence to group projects. Many presentations contribute to these actions, thanks in part to a rich partnership with other cultural centres in the town, and with other comparable institutions in France and abroad.

The Disciplines practiced:

Strings: violin, viola, cello, bass

Woodwinds: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, accordion

Brass: horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, sackbut, saxophone

Keyboard: piano, organ, piano accompaniment

Percussion: classical percussion, world percussion

Baroque music and plucked string instruments: harpsichord, recorder or English flute, traverso, harp, guitar, viola da gamba, baroque cello, lute and plucked string instruments

Dance: ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance

Singing: vocal, choral, children's choir (maîtrise), choir direction, jazz vocal

Improvised music and jazz: piano, guitar, drums, bass, bass, saxophone and woodwind, brass, vocal jazz, modern music, song

Musical Culture and its complementary disciplines: analysis, writing music, music history, jazz history, dance history, composition, music education, sight reading, kinesiology, world music workshops.

Ensembles: chamber music, vocal and instrumental ensembles, orchestra (including two symphony orchestras), big band, choirs, dance groups.

Theatre: theatre, dance and body awareness workshops, voice training, diction, word-play, singing, song, workshops conducted by guest artists, interclass workshops, drama, history of the arts, forms of writing, musical training for actors.

Concerts & Shows

The Conservatoire organizes about 250 events per year, endeavouring to develop a close link between teaching and on stage production. For the Conservatoire de Lyon, the student's public performances are an integral part of their education, in that they allow young musicians, dancers and actors to understand the rapport with their audience, an essential educational goal.

Concert Season

The Conservatoire proposes concerts for its students, their parents and the wider performing arts enthusiasts, covering a wide variety of repertoire, recital, choral and orchestral concerts from contemporary music to popular music. Calling from time to time on the intervention of guest artists, programs are widely open to "home" productions student orchestras, ensembles of teachers ... Throughout the school year the orchestras also perform an intense program in Lyon and in the Rhône-Alpes region and participate in tours abroad. The Conservatoire's departments of Theatre and Dance also perform regularly in public. The shows give equal time to traditional and contemporary productions in which choreographers, directors and professional actors are also invited. The admission to a large number of productions in the Conservatoire is free.

Class Auditions and Concerts

At the initiative of teachers, additional smaller performances are scheduled throughout the year. They provide opportunities for teachers and parents to meet and discuss, allowing the latter to understand the functioning of the class. Admission is free, open to all and offers to those benefiting from the Conservatoire a rich and diverse range of musical and choreographic interludes permitting them to better understand the activities and subjects taught.


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